Chairman Message


Respected Members and Dear students


With the blessings of almighty and my parents I wish to thank all the executive members of Ghaziabad Branch of ICAI for having faith in me and giving me the opportunity to serve as Chairman of Ghaziabad branch for the year 2021-22 . I wish to make an impactful change in the year ahead as a memorable year in the history of the Ghaziabad Branch.

In the year ahead I will ensure the optimization and operational efficiencies at each and every part of the Ghaziabad Branch . I would like to put my best of the efforts to ensure that the queries of the each and every member and student would be answered in a time bound manner .

Keeping in mind a vision ahead and taking it as a mission alongwith cooperation of all the Executive members and with the guidance & support of honorable Central Council member - CA. Anuj Goyal ji and Past Chairman CIRC - CA. Mukesh Bansal ji. , I would fulfill all the due expectations of all the members and students of the Ghaziabad Branch and surely assure each and everyone that Ghaziabad Branch of ICAI will achieve new milestone in the year ahead.

Across the period of the lockdown declared by the government , I would urge you to maintain patience and discipline of staying at home . The “Lakshman Rekha” which the hon’ble Prime Minister has drawn across our thresholds is our lifeline to stay healthy.  

Ghaziabad branch of ICAI is committed to serve its each and every member and student during this lockdown and we have already started the professional updates through various webinars on each and every topic so that every Member and student shall remain professionally updated. 

Lastly , I would like to urge each and every member and student of Ghaziabad Branch to take this lockdown as a opportunity and start a new phase of the professional carrier and start serving the whole nation remotely by yourself staying at home and using the advanced technology to serve the country.



With Regards


Chairman, ICAI Ghaziabad